Healing Tao London From Stress to VITALITY NOW! Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women Tai Chi Kung Qigong Chi Nei Tsang
A Way of being in the World without being bothered by the World, of connecting with Spirit while keeping grounded on Earth, of coming by the Way of Bliss on the Path to Ecstasy in all dimensions

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Welcome to Chi Nei Tsang, Qigong / Chi Kung, Tai Chi Meditation
for Holistic Health and Happiness of your Mind Body and Spirit :)

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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Kris Deva North Bio

Taoist shaman taoist medicine wheel tao of the shaman
Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman 1

adult fiction, erotic romance, betrayal, deception, love, sex

Taoist Supreme Inner Alchemy of Yin and Yang

Mantak Chia's
Healing Tao Foundations of Taoist Practice Step 3

STEP 3 NOVICE Intermediate Foundation (1st year) UHT approved

Detoxing the past, Neutralising fear, managing emotions and habits, strengthen your energy field, enhance grounding!


This 4-day course Friday through Monday 10.00am to 4.30pm daily is suitable for individuals and couples (no "pair-work" is involved.)
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2 PRE-REQUISITE COURSES: Foundations Step 1 + Foundations Step 2

What you will learn

Forming the Pa Kua, Cauldron and Pearl

Installing 'collection points' in the organs and recycling negative emotions into positive energy

Manifesting the totems: children and animals

Creating the Earth-Spirit Guardians, connecting with the Planets of Protection; Forming the Energy-body

Opening the Psychic Channels: Thrusting and Belt, Great Bridge & Regulator

Permeation of the Energy-body, Cutting & Drilling

Tai Chi and more advanced Iron Shirt Chi Kung

As in all other Steps, reviewing the earlier and pre-viewing the next

Introduction to Cosmic Chi Kung: Hands of Light exercises as taught in Shamanic Healing: watch video below

Hear the Power of Fusion Guided Meditations you can download with a click here, for a Beginner to taste the power of Fusion and for those who have taken Step 3, to embed the practices in the core of memory. There are four tracks:
Forming the Pearl (click here for a sample to hear how your meditation will be guided.)
Pearl of Compassion
Thrusting Channels
Heavens Garden

all in mp3 format you can download to your Itunes or Windows media player, with a click here.

Step 4 follows a few weeks later: an Introduction to Taoist Shamanism, a step deeper into the secret Universe Beyond the visible, the mountain in space, the ancient healing forest, Fire under Water, and the beginning of the Journey through the Inner Eye.

Click here to Register Register early - make the commitment and benefit from the discounts for multiple registration: 10% off the combined total for booking 2 courses, 20% off for 3 or more.

Internal space-clearing - you could call it feng-shui for humans - gives internal clarity and external protection. Such pre-Taoist shamanic practices include intense self-healing experiences and an immediate increase in awareness and focus.

Clearing negative emotions creates a sense of freedom from old patterns. Sometimes we can deal with the old stuff, sometimes not, and perhaps some boxes are best left unopened.....Fusion offers the Power to live our present Life in the present, and the resources to cope with the residual effects of past baggage.

Inducing pure states of compassion and arousal creates the Power of Fusion within us, fusing these two vital states of orgasmic vibration into unconditional love for the self and others.

Through Moving and Still Meditations, rich in Taoist symbolism, we open the Eight Psychic Channels, form the Pearl of Compassion, and learn to combine and integrate the energies of the Celestial Children, Guardian Animals and Planets of the Five Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood, in a deep exploration of our Internal Universe.

By making the body permeable for the internal and external circulation of vital energy, we build a base to safely experiment with astral travel and internal journeying: Sealing the Aura and projecting the Energy-Body.

As novices we began with exercises to develop into a healthy organism capable of living in the physical world yet free of the tensions of "normal" life. Learning to heal and love ourselves began with the meditations of the Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Sounds, Inner Smile and Iron Shirt, was enhanced with the practices of Healing Love.

Now awaken your Soul! Free from environmental, educational and karmic conditioning, learn to be creatively active in the world, not to merely react to circumstances. Learn the means to gain control over "this" life, be aware of the immortality of your stream of consciousness, your true nature as spirit, your Self beyond the cycle of life and death.

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