Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman Book 1

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by Kris Deva North, contains the essence, rites and mysteries for shamanic initiation and practice on which Taoist Shaman is based.
First published 2010 as an e-book by Universal Tao Publications UK
108 pages

Shamanic Initiation and Training
with author Kris Deva North at Universal Healing Tao UK

"Origins, secret rites and mysteries of Taoist Shamanism from initiation to living death, uncut.
See how it all began, and how the Tao, the way and the light, began to illuminate, in the lives of those early pioneers of Taost Shamanism, the art of stepping lightly in all worlds. and why the practices were so long kept secret.

How do we modern folk fit in the medicine wheel? What is the medicine wheel? How did the Dragon gain ascendancy? Who was the Great Bear and how did he split the land?

This exploration of the shamanic origins of Taoist practice strips the webs of mystery from ancient practice.

Thoroughly researched, rich in history and with detailed maps, drawings and lucid explanations, The Taoist Medicine Wheel casts new light on the I Ching, the Five Elements and the The Three Pure Ones. Check out the Chapter comparing other shamanic traditions for a real insight into the common threads of the origins of human spiritual thought!

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'Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman Part 1'

Chapter 1 Taoist Shamanic Tradition – from Mystery to History 9
Chapter 2 Comparison with other Traditions 12
Chapter 3 Evolution of the Medicine Wheel 18
Chapter 4 The Five Elements 22
Chapter 5 The Twelve Animals 27
Chapter 6 I Ching – the Book of Change 30
Chapter 7 Using the Wheel in Life 32
Chapter 8 Wheel of Love 35
Chapter 9 Shamanic Practice 41
Chapter 10 Spirit Guides 63
Chapter 11 Creating Power Fields 80
Chapter 12 The Wheel of Healing 86