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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Taoist shaman taoist medicine wheel tao of the shaman
Taoist Medicine Wheel - Tao of the Shaman 1

adult fiction, erotic romance, betrayal, deception, love, sex

Jade Arrows: Taoist Practices for Men to turn Stress into Vitality for Health + Peak Performance + Maximum Enjoyment @ Home, Work & Play

The Jade Arrows is a group for men to sample the benefits of Taoist practices, to learn new techniques and exchange experiences in a relaxed, supportive and informal environment.
All Men are Welcome - whether you are new to the Tao or have had some experience already. You can introduce yourself to the practices, deepen and evolve your own practice, learn new secrets or simply have your questions answered.

* Exercises + Meditations to reduce stress immediately
* Specific Techniques to care for and power up those vital organs...
* Taoist Practice for long-term benefits

The Jade Stalk is the euphemism for the male organ, the Jade Gate for the female. We are the Jade Arrows, our Yin counterparts the Jade Circle.

Join our Facebook Jade Arrows Group a great place to ask questions about aspects of the male practice if you can't make it to our regular meet-ups. If you prefer not to post your question to the group, you can email me here and I will answer the Question in the group but keeping you anonymous. The reason I answer in the group is that other men may be having similar issues but are too shy to ask! So you will help them as well as yourself.

Join our Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao Meet-Up Group to get notifications and reminders of meetings and other events - a great way to Keep In Touch!

Kris Deva North co-author with Mantak Chia of A Touch of Sex/Taoist Foreplay and Taoist Shaman, Author of Taoist Medicine Wheel, Finding Spirit in Zen Shiatsu, Zen Tao Tantra, and From Stress to VITALITY NOW! Secrets of Love and Life Mastery for Men and Women.
Founder of Mantak Chia Taoist Training and Healing NLP London
“Stress is a waste of time and energy. There is a better way.”

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Venue for each meeting will be notified in advance to men on the Jade Arrows email newsletter List click to join Type Jade Arrows in the subject line.

Bring an open mind and wear loose comfortable clothing.

Jade Arrows is a Taoist Practice Group for men. Click Jade Circle® for the Women's Group

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A selection of Mantak Chia books will be available to buy

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Anamarta, Jade Circle® Facilitator, Taoist Teacher of Kuan Yin Qigong & Jade Egg Holistic Practice

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