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Welcome to Chi Nei Tsang, Qigong / Chi Kung, Tai Chi Meditation
for Holistic Health and Happiness of your Mind Body and Spirit :)

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Kris Deva North,
Mantak Chia co-author and founder of Universal Healing Tao UK & Chi Nei Tsang Institute London 1992.


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Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp

We rise early each day for training, cook our communal meals over a wood camp-fire, and spend our evenings in learning the nature of trees, survival skills, and sweatlodge building.

Healing Tao and Tai Chi Union for Great Britain Instructors teach Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Tai Chi and Qigong, Hidden Masters style push-hands, self-defence and weapons applications shown and taught with care, the aim being to develop lightning reflexes, with physical and mental flexibility.

All are Welcome: all ages Kids Go Free (under-16)
All levels from Absolute Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced.
Tai Chi Summer Retreat is a pre-requisite for Step 5

Full Joining Information as soon as you sign up, with all you need to know and do for a wonderful experience; how to find us, what food to bring, camping and other accommodation options, and of course the daily training programme of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp the Meadow and Sweatlodge Frame

Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp Arriving and Setting Up Camp

Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp Rosewell Centre

Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp Wet Weather Refuge

Tai Chi Qi Gong Retreat Training Summer Camp Rosewell Centre

Other Venues, Other Times, Magic Happens

tai chi training camp kris deva north universal healing tao uk jade circle anamarta mantak chia taoist training

tai chi training camp universal healing tao uk

We all shared the weather - as you see from the clothes below! It was kind for the sweat-lodge on the last evening and packing up on the final morning. Before that, whatever the weather-gods threw at us, everyone turned up to all the sessions, learned a lot and came out with some great skills, as well as new friends and a deepened practice.
Plus a bonus: a sense of 'the English at play' if you know what I mean (and if not - think picnics in the rain, windswept beaches, stiff upper lips.) Afterwards our gracious host, Sue Hix at the Rosewell Centre, wrote 'Tea, cake and pancakes always taste better after a little hardship.'

tai chi training camp universal healing tao uk

Joe (top left, back row) commented...
"I think I can speak on behalf of the whole group when I say this" ;)
The whole experience had us smiling inside and out.
Truly great week :) The thunderstorms and lightening bolts only sparked more enthusiasm. The lessons for me were as challenging as they were valuable. The foundations are surely set for practice that will be far more effective in the future. To all the guys and girls,, thanks so very much for colouring an already great experience with Joyfull cheer and honest camaraderie.
To the Place, The People, the proper Plates of food prepared in the great outdoors and of course the Uncarved Block.. I salute you!!!. Wish you all the best and very much look forward to sharing another worthwhile experience in the not too distant future.
until then, be whole heartedly dilegent, delightfully relaxed and don't forget to have a right old good giggle.
Yours in health and in stillness, Joe'l
24 August 2010 17:11