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A Way of being in the World without being bothered by the World, of connecting with Spirit while keeping grounded on Earth, of coming by the Way of Bliss on the Path to Ecstasy in all dimensions

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More Tantric Secrets of Love

Tao of Tantra 2

kris deva north and dakini anamarta facilitate taoist tantra couples tantric training london

The pre-requisite for Tantra 2 is completion of Tao of Tantra 1 and Foundations of Taoist Practice Steps 1 and 2.
We look forward to seeing you on Tao of Tantra 2. There we will reveal the Steps to Higher Tantra


The Five Elements of Tantalising Tantra

Special Couple-formulas for the Secret Smile

Warming the Stove, Managing Arousal Energy

Special love-positions to tantalise, hot things up or calm them down

Beyond the Ninth Flower

Opening the door to Bliss in the House of Ecstasy

Steps to Higher Tantra

"Tao Tantra 2 was brilliant for building on what we had already learnt and which added to the intimate feeling." J.G. & J.

Couples work/play only with their own partner
Please bring: big fluffy towel; silk cloth; sarong/lunghi/kikoi; rug/blanket/sheepskin; open mind

"I look forward to a long and loving relationship supported and intensified by the practices my partner and I have learned during Tantra 1 & 2. L.& S."

"Many thanks for the manual. The weekend was very lovely for us. Thank you both so much for the training." A.H. & F.

Recommended reading for Tantra 2
Taoist Tantra: Sexual Secrets for Love

 Workshop Facilitators: Kris Deva North & Anamarta

We met some years ago at the Festival of Mind Body Spirit, quite by chance if there were such a thing. It was as if our souls leapt out and embraced. We met four times in those four days, never by arrangement, just trusting the Universe to do the right thing. In the shamanic practice according to tradition, if you see a creature four times on a shamanic journey then it becomes part of your energy field of Guides, Guardians or Totems, and you should take it home. So we went home together, and never left.
Our first collaboration was a charity event for Help a London Child, Capital Radio's charity, where Anamarta organised the first Shiatsuthon for the Zen School of Shiatsu.
However, it was in our own world that we really found each other and lasting fulfilment. We began teaching Taoist Tantra together, and Anamarta faciliated the Jade Circle, Kuan Yin Taoist Meditation for Women.
Now our life is filled with the joy of helping others to find the fulfilment and harmony that we have enjoyed from the moment we met, and the knowledge that everything is perfect.
We look forward to sharing this with you, whether through our couples work, or Jade Circle, or the regular Healing Tao or NLP trainings.

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