Lesser Kan & Li
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Lesser Kan and Li
Kan and Li literally means water and fire. The Chinese formula Siaow Kan Li (Yin and Yang Mixed) literally steams the energy (Jing) into life force energy (Chi) in order to feed the soul or energy body.

Birth of the Soul
The formulas in the Lesser Enlightenment help to give birth to the soul body, an awakening of that part of yourself, which is free from environmental and karmic conditioning. The birth of the soul is not metaphor. It is an actual process of converting energy into a subtle body.

Overcoming Reincarnation
The newborn soul matures in relation to your energy skills. If you were to die, the energy gathered in the soul body will not simply dissipate. The Lesser Enlightenment of Kan and Li leads to the first steps of overcoming reincarnation.

Preparing for the Spirit Body
Developing the soul body is the preparation for the growth of the Spirit Body in the Greater Enlightenment of Kan and Li. Come! Experience the mystery. "Begin it now." As Goethe said. "Boldness has genius and magic in it.

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