Iron Shirt Chi Kung I


Perfect the body to win great health, increase performance, fight disease, protect the vital organs from injury and lay the groundwork for higher spiritual practice. Direct the internal power to strengthen the internal organs, increase Chi pressure in the connective tissue or fascia and develop rooting power.

In the days before gunpowder, Iron Shirt Chi Kung was one of the principle martial arts, which built powerful bodies able to withstand hand to hand combat. Even then, however; martial use was only one aspect of Iron Shirt and today, its other aspects remain vitally significant for anyone seeking better health, a sane mind and spiritual growth. "Iron Shirt" refers to the fact that its unique system of breathing exercises which permanently pack concentrated air into the fascia (connective tissues), surrounding the vital organs, make them close to impervious to injuries from accidents or blows. We also learn how to root ourselves in the Earth's power and thus how to direct the Earth's gravitational and healing power through our bone structure. Iron Shirt's strengthening of the organs is of special interest to athletes and performers, for it teaches them how to increase the performance of the organs during sports, speech, singing, dancing and playing music. For the Taoist masters, all this in turn lays the groundwork for higher spiritual work. Every step of the way is made clear in the numerous line illustrations of Juan Li.

ISBN 0-935621-02-4
320 pages