Cosmic Healing II

Cosmic Healing II deepens the knowledge & experience of Cosmic Healing I. In Cosmic Healing II the emphasis is on connecting the body with the five elemental forces ofnature, the moon and sun, the planets, the stars, galaxies and other celestial phenomena. This is a continuation of Mantak Chia's and Dirk Oellibrandt, Universal Tao System for personal improvement.

Taoist Astrology and Astronomy
The authors reveal not only the esoteric information, but more significantly they unveil the step-by-step practices both physical and meditative for healing oneself and others. Cosmic Healing II incorporates ancient Taoist knowledge and practices based on Taoist astronomy observations and cosmological research. Modern Taoists Master Mantak Chia and Dirk Oellibrandt expand on this millennia-tested material with their practical experience and expertise. Whether you are interested in building on your base of Chi Kung and meditation or whether you are bodyworker desiring to make giant strides in your treatments you'll find within Cosmic Healing II the substance for growth.

Techniques for Planetary and Galaxy Stellar Meditations
The inner universe & outher universe become even more connected through planetary/galaxy stellar meditations. You'll learn how to integrate Taoist Astrology and Astronomy with your healing practices so as to support others in a deeply rooted cleansing revitalization. Cosmic Healing II teaches people how to take full charge of their health and well-being.

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