Chi Nei Tsang II

The procedures presented here are built on the information in Master Mantak Chia’s first book, Chi Nei Tsang: Internal Organs Chi Massage”. The emotions and “Winds” accumulate in the abdominal and Navel area. CNT II teaches you how to release these negative “Winds” and sweep” them out to reestablish a healthy flow of your vital energy.

A New Approach to Healing
By understanding the orgin of the “Winds” and the problems they create in the body, health can be restored. This restoration of balance and circulation occurs through proper use of CNT II techniques to chase and release the trapped winds.

Hands-on Techniques for Detoxifying and Rejuvenating the Vital Organs Chi Nei Tsang II is an art that evolved in an era when there were few physicians and “self-healing” was a way of life. CNT II will guide you deeper into the rib cage, abdomen and Navel Center teaching to use the elbow and knuckle techniques.

The First Known Techniques that Can be Applied to the Navel Center
In the abdominal Navel Center negative emotions, stress, tension, and sickness accumulate and congest. When this occurs, all vital functions stagnate. Using Chi Nei Tsang II techniques in and around the area of the navel provides the fastest method of healing and the most permanent results. Many techniques of other systems only work at the body’s extremities, far from the Navel Center and the organs. The Chi Nei Tsang II techniques taught in this book can be applied to the abdominal center where the Universal, Cosmic Particle, and Earth Forces are combined and stored.