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Grandmaster MANTAK CHIA

founder of the Universal Healing Tao

Mantak Chia Books and Products Mantak Chia popular titles, DVDs, CDs, Digital Downloads world-wide shipping from UK
Mantak Chia on Amazon Amazon's Taoist Book Store has a great selection of books by Mantak Chia and other Taoist writers world-wide shipping by Amazon
Mantak Chia Interviewed The original interview with Kris Deva North in which Mantak sets out his philosophy for life and reveals his religious beliefs First published in and now reproduced by kind permission of Positive Health magazine
Mantak Chia Biography Outline information on how Mantak began teaching, and aims of the Universal Healing Tao system Nothing personal here. Interview gives more of a sense of the man behind the Mantak
Universal Healing Tao Facebook fans, events, information and updates
Mantak Chia Thailand Chia's home base and Headquarters of the Universal Healing Tao Doubles up as a luxury spa when not in use for training courses
Mantak Chia Universal Healing Tao Centers Auckland, Berlin, Boston, Christchurch Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Zurich, These are a few of the major centers. If you'd like more added, please email the link