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JADE EGG The Famous Chinese Drilled Jade Egg
Our Jade Eggs are highest quality Guaranteed Nephrite Jade (the special "Polar Jade" from the Cassiar Mountains in north west Canada), which is not porous crystal, and so safe and hygienic for internal use: an investment for life.
Each Jade Egg is subject to rigorous scrutiny by Anamarta who personally guarantees the quality based on her 15 years experience working with crystal healing, gemstones and jewellery.
Your egg is hand crafted to the ideal medium size perfect both for beginners and advanced practice, and measures approximately 43mm (1.75 inches) long, 30mm (1.25 inches) wide at the widest, and 95mm (3.75 inches) circumference, drilled all way through and comes complete with pouch and comprehensive written instructions on how to prepare your Jade Egg, how to get started + exercises and useful tips.
Learn More About the physical, energy and spiritual properties of your Jade Egg
£57.00+p&p delivered 'Signed For'.
TMC1 Taoist Meditation: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living
See yourself sitting back,relaxing, hearing the sounds, seeing the colours,feeling the chi flow. See yourself, standing in space, your feet on the earth,your head in the stars...the universe beyond the visible...the ancient healing forest...a white mountain reflected in a crystal lake...the sun in the ocean, Fire under Water...Inner Smile, Small Heavenly Cycle (microcosmic orbit) and Healing Sounds guided by the voice of Kris Deva North.
The original Taoist Meditation CD created from 20.00 hrs on 20.02.2002: Andria Degens dulcimer, tibetan singing bowls, vocals; Angela Di Lallo flute, vocals; Clementina percussion, rainstick, tambourine, vocals; Cornelius Gorman dijeridu, vocals; Gavin Bonner percussion, vocals; Ian Ayre seibass, bass, percussion, vocals; Jason Lihou percussion, pennywhistle, vocals; Kris Deva North frog, tibetan singing bowls, vocals; Peter Littlejohn Cook tibetan singing bowls, tibetan temple bells, vocals; Steve Corcoran dijeridu, percussion, vocals; Wak percussion, vocals. Produced by John Robinson at Clique Productions.
Also available by Individual Track as Digital Downloads
TMC2 Taoist Tantra: Solo and Dual Cultivation
Kris Deva North and Mina Bodeyn guide you gently through Taoist Tantric Love techniques - 69 minutes of Earthly Bliss and Heavenly O...All human sex is sacred in the union of Yang, the Force of Heaven, with Yin, the Power of Earth. Understanding the physical orgasm enables experience of the spiritual orgasm. By consciously guiding your love-energy in the small heavenly cycle you can grasp the moment of sexual climax and generate the experience of subtle clear light, or Union with the Tao, the Divine Love
Also available by Individual Track as Digital Downloads
DVD Tao of Tantra 1: Dual Cultivation Yin & Yang Connecting Spirit
Digital Video Disc, approx 37'
Beautifully filmed by Australian director Abigail Portwin this sensitively edited release from Healing Tao UK offers insight and training in partnership practice: Dual Cultivation. It can be taken as a visual guided meditation in which you and your partner are invited to participate, or simply watch and enjoy as a guide to "sex with spirit."
Soundtrack available as Digital Download
This DVD is coded for Zone 2: UK & Europe
DVD1 Beginners Guide to STEEL BODY TAI CHI
Digital Video Disc, approx 27'
The Fighting meditations of the Hidden Masters; Tai Chi as shamanic theatre, celestial combat, rooted in Earth and played in the human dimension. Yang advances, Yin withdraws, Harmony prevails. Learning the Way of the Hidden Masters gives a sense of reality to this ancient art as we emulate the heroes of then, the warriors, the fighting nuns and monks...
Learn More About Tai Chi
This DVD is coded for Zone 2: UK & Europe