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Secrets of a Taoist Master

A Taoist Master who was once a Taoist student broke his promise - as any good Taoist would - to keep secret the secret his own Master had told. This opened the door for others in his group to share their secrets.

Being Taoists and not into surrender or poverty they had each paid the Master something, money, sex, food, whatever, for their own individual prized secret that was to have made such a difference to their life, the lives of their loved ones and anyone they came into contact with. The secret gave power. But the most important thing about your secret, said He, is to keep your secret secret. Never divulge it to anyone. Because then it won't be a secret. And it will lose its power. And you will lose yours. He said.

Of course, and you have probably guessed it by now, they all had been given the same secret. The real secret of power is that by defying the Master's power each student can come into his or her own. Real power cannot be given: it can only be taken.

That's the secret!

You'll remember this, won't you, next time some one tries to control you with a secret.

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